Don’t leave home without it!  Travel Insurance is a must have for Cancellations or Medical.

Taking a cruise or that trip of a lifetime?  What would you do if you had to cancel the cruise or that trip of a lifetime?  Did you know that if you cancel you often don’t get your money back! Make sure you have proper travel insurance to cover the costs.

Here is your first tip, don’t buy travel insurance cancellation coverage from the cruise line!  Cruise lines travel insurance plans are designed with many limitations, so consider Travel cancellation insurance from itravel.  This is the company I use when I take a cruise, or travel abroad, it’s affordable and great coverage.  Make sure you have the coverage you need to get reimbursed for the costs in the event you have to cancel a trip!

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What happens if you get sick or injured while traveling abroad?  Travel Medical Insurance is your answer.

If you get sick of injured while traveling does your health plan cover costs outside the US, NO probably not!  Does your health insurance cover you for medical repatriation, fly you home to a hospital in the US?  Travel medical insurance plans are designed to offer you health insurance coverage abroad and will fly you back to the US in a specifically designed medical flight so you are monitored during the flight.  The cost for a medical flight without coverage is tens of thousands of dollars and not covered under you health insurance coverage! Travel insurance medical is quite affordable and certainly worth the cost.

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What is Travel insurance?

There are two basic types of Travel insurance; cancellation coverage and medical coverage. Travel insurance for cancellations is a comprehensive plan offering coverage in the event you must cancel a trip due to illness, unforeseen events, weather issues such as hurricanes, or even if you miss a flight due to airline issues. Many travel cancellation plans also offer medical coverage, giving you full comprehensive coverage throughout your vacation. A cruises, or trip of a lifetime, typically costs thousand of dollars. This is money you can’t get back unless you have Travel cancellation insurance.

Travel insurance medical coverage is also quite important because people do get seriously injured and sick while traveling. Travel medical insurance is designed to offer you the health coverage you deserve and often emergency dental coverage too. Most importantly, make sure you can get home to the US where you know you will get the best possible health coverage. Please, don’t rely on the doctor or hospital abroad to offer you the coverage to save you life. This is why when I travel I always have travel insurance!